INX International’s Jon Graunke to address chemical labeling changes at Print UV Conference
Alliance Franchise Brands Convention presents educational opportunity for INX Digital
INX International begins operations at new Lebanon, Ohio manufacturing facility
INX International renews sponsorship of Print UV Conference for 7th consecutive year
INX Digital to demonstrate in demand wide format alternative inkjet inks at FASTSIGNS convention
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Integrating digital into your system from day one.

Flexibility is the key to integrating new digital technology into your operational system. And flexible is what INX Digital Prodigy services are set up to be.

In fact, before you lock in parameters which could be difficult, costly and time-consuming to alter, Prodigy can:

  • Share with you the experience of having developed inks for virtually every type of print head and printer, with jetting testing for ink drop accuracy and placement.
  • Apply our system development credentials attained through developing technologies such as high-speed, single-pass systems for UV LED-cure innovators and print head makers.
  • Help you focus on one or all aspects of design and integration, including ink jet heads and control systems, fluid delivery, curing sites and more.
  • Offer you collaboration with our electronics designers, software architects, system integrators and mechanical engineers.
  • Help you design and integrate a system that will adapt to expanding needs, and position your equipment to deliver what customers demand.